At Dean Radio we believe everyone needs to know the basics of how a radio station works from a programming point of view, even if they decide to take a main role in another area of the project. So we ask all new volunteers to take the "Radio Basics" course as an introduction to the station and the team of people they will be working with.

Radio Basics

This courses will run for six weeks and is for all volunteers new to the Dean Radio team. Each session runs for about two hours and is the first step in preparing volunteers to take a full part in Dean Radio.

Weeks 1,2, and 3 introduce the radio landscape in the UK, the equipment used and how it works, and the tasks and roles needed to make radio.

Weeks 4,5,6 concentrate on the skills needed in planning, producing and presenting a simple radio programme

At the end of the course we will organise a "recording day" so participants can practise their skills by making programmes.

Further training is then offered in modules depending on the role the volunteers will undertake. (see Volunteer)

As well as the formal training, team members will share skills and experience as they work together to prepare and present Dean Radio programmes.

18 April 2024

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