Dean Radio is 2 Years old!

We think we have had a really good year developing the Forest of Deans very own local radio station and also providing experiences, training and opportunities to the local community in helping to run the station.

We have many plans and wishes for offering even better local coverage in the future and getting more people involved.

As a 100% volunteer based organisation we would like to think that Dean Radio offers really good value but like all good things we cant operate at zero cost.

As a birthday present Ofcom who regulate us like all non BBC TV & Radio stations need us to pay a license fee to keep broadcasting. At nearly a £1000 it is our largest single bill, so we were thinking that if 100 of our listeners wanted to give us a nicer birthday present in the form of a £10 donation we would have even more reason to celebrate.

We think you will agree that a whole year of Dean Radio for less than a single month of some other well known broadcast and streaming services is pretty good going.

So if you would like to surprise us with a birthday gift you can click on the Donate button above or at the bottom of the page (or get in touch and we can arrange other methods) and in return we will list you on our website for a year (unless you ask to be anonymous).

If you would like to get more involved with the station, you don't need to know anything about radio to start with, then contact us on our Information Signup page, after all were here for and run by the community!

29 May 2024

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