For Dean Radio to be a success we need to be able to utilise all the talented people at our community’s disposal to be the best that we can.  That is why we need your help!

Dean Radio is a community radio station produced for the community by the community. Everyone involved with Dean Radio is a volunteer and all of us want the station to be the best it can be and to produce maximum benefit for our community.

We have lots of volunteering opportunities at Dean Radio including:
Researchers and producers
Website designers / graphic designers
Publicity and marketing

Once you become a volunteer you will gain access to training opportunities, receive station updates and will be able to have your voice heard by the local community!

Additionally, we are also looking for volunteers with experience in:
Marketing and communication
Finance / business management
Legal / business management
Networking and community development
Fundraising / applying for grants

If you are interested in volunteering with Dean Radio please send us an e-mail using the address on this site – with the position you are interested in as the subject line – and we will contact you to discuss what we can do together.

29 May 2024

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